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Hostile Vegetarians
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my mood

my mood
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Check out my new Lego™ jewelry and sushi jewelry! I always love to get email comments and questions about my web site, please stop by again! -Elizabeth
A special quote: "I don't feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves."
-- John Wayne
The Truth About Pocahontas: Myth ·vs· Truth The truth about John Smith and the Powhatan Nation.
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2002 • accurIT STAFFING corporation
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2001 • Strokers Golf Tour - Chicago
2000 • OrangeSec Solutions
2000+ -2006
2000 • Central China Display Labs
1999 • Writing Testbenches:..Janick Bergeron
1999 •
1999 • Haverford Systems Inc. -2001
1999 • HavaVision Displays -2001
1999+ RedShirtImaging LLC
1998 • ANTEAKS of Downingtown -2001
1998 • Quilts By Judy Dales
1998+ Align-a-Putt Golf Tool -2006
1997+ Clearview Triangle - Quilting Books -2006
1996 • Universal Imaging Corporation -1997
1995+ The Red Shirt Diaries: The Laboratory of Lawrence B. Cohen, Yale Medical School

1999 • Writing Testbenches...Book Cover
1997 • Society of Gen. Physiologists Logo

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